No power like women power! Visual identity of WFC 2025 revealed

Let us introduce you. This is the visual identity of the largest floorball event of the next year, including the logo of the World Floorball Championships 2025, which will be hosted by the Czech cities of Brno and Ostrava from December 6th to 14th. The purpose of the identity is not only to present a huge sporting event returning to the Czech Republic after twelve years, but it carries a much greater message. There is indeed no greater power than women power!

The visual identity is characterized by bright and energetic colors, which symbolize the diversity of a women's world, including more pronounced emotions experienced during sports. The basic visual expression indicates that women are strong and constitute an important part of one of the most popular Czech sports. The goal is not to be in opposition to others, but rather to clearly and loudly state that there is no power like women power!

The rounded shape of the logo resembles a ball, bringing joy to numerous players across the world. Other elements are derived purely from the essence of women's floorball. The logo takes the form of the letter "W," which stands for the initial of the English word "women." It also consists of two embedded teeth, representing the fierceness not only brought by the national team players but by all women and girls who dedicate themselves to floorball.

The visual identity of the World Floorball Championships 2025 has been in development for several months, including discussions with the national team representatives and selected players from the Czech Extraliga. It is also supported by the results of in-depth research focusing on the theme of women in floorball and sports in general.

"The logo is simple, modern, exudes strength and femininity. The beautiful fresh color combination only emphasizes the entire concept, which showcases strong emotions and women's power. The claim speaks for itself - Czech women's sports are on the rise, and our women are ready to show it. In my opinion, the visual is successful, and I hope it will guide us through a successful World Championship and attract many great fans to the arenas, as we have the best in the world," says goalkeeper Jana Christianová, who aims to participate in her eighth championship.

Anna Brucháčková was the most productive Czech player in the last World Floorball Championships, currently playing for Bulldogs Brno. "I like how the logo is designed; it's nice that it has several hidden meanings that are not immediately visible. But once you discover and recognize them, the logo suddenly becomes more understandable. I think one of its parts - the fierceness - perfectly characterizes the Czech team and its strength," describes the talented floorball player, who dominated the productivity of the previous national team cycle.

Není větší síla, než ta ženská! | foto: Český florbal

"I believe that not only all floorball enthusiasts will fall in love with the new logo, but especially every girl who has ever picked up a floorball stick. Moreover, it's not just a symbol of one championship. Its goal and purpose are much deeper - to unite. The logo should be a symbol for all active, former, and future players. It's important for us that its application doesn't end with the championship, but we will continue to use it to promote women's floorball in the following years," says president of Czech Floorball Daniel Novák.

The logo is designed to be versatile for various occasions and events. However, the championship is the main highlight and driver of women's floorball in general. "We see the World Floorball Championships 2025 as a great opportunity to raise the issue of women in floorball, not only as players or coaches but we want women to hold high positions in clubs or in the leadership of the Czech Floorball," adds Novák.

"The unveiling of the 2025 championship logo sends a very strong message about female sport. The dynamic imagery of teeth biting into the ball, captures the undeniable fierceness and determination of our athletes. As we unite under this emblem next year, we celebrate the strength, resilience, and unity of women in floorball, shaping the future of our sport with every exhilarating match and inspiring moment on the court," says Tero Kalsta from the IFF.

The creation of the logo involved the core organizing team of the World Floorball Championships 2025 in collaboration with Ondřej Bartakovič from EOS and Tomáš Janča, an experienced sports marketer who was involved in creating the brand of the Czech Floorball and the championship in 2018. "More than ten years have passed since the last women's World Floorball Championships in the Czech Republic, and among other things, our perception of the championships itself has changed. We wanted to create something through identity that wouldn't just impact the floorball community internally but also raise the topic of women in general. We defined how we wanted the championship's identity to be perceived. We wanted it to reflect a variety of emotions and more vivid colors. It was also important for the visual identity to emanate the energy and strength that women's sports offer. We didn't just want to use pink and a ball but dive into the depth of the theme. I believe this visual identity confirms that direction," explains Janča.

The last part of the identity is the continuity with the now firmly established theme of sustainability and social responsibility in Czech floorball, which is not only one of the organization's pillars but is also considered in all activities, not just those directly related to the World Floorball Championships, reminds Petr Chvojka, the general secretary of the WFC 2025.

"As for the championships itself, we are already working intensively to make the 2025 World Floorball Championships an extraordinary event for players, fans, and for floorball in general. We are negotiating with partners and the organizing cities and regions, preparing accompanying activities for the presentation of the championships. We are also launching ticket sales, which should start by the end of 2024. During this period, the domestic women's and junior EFT will also take place in Karlovy Vary," adds Chvojka.






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